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Sisal Pads

The sisal pad is a product of multiple applicability. Its consistency is firm but at the same time extremely soft, allowing good air circulation inside. It is very resistant, has a strong texture and abrasive properties.


It is a natural, hygroscopic, thermal and acoustic filter product. Its main use is in the manufacture of mattresses, upholstered and padded in general. In the automobile industry, considering the policies aimed at the conservation of the environment, its application in the manufacture of upholstery and composites is already a reality in the main brands and increasingly a market trend. Great opportunities open for new applications, especially as it is a 100% biodegradable product.

In addition to its main use in the upholstery and mattress industry, the sisal pads are suitable for use in civil construction, for cleaning ceramic tiles and thermo-acoustic linings and special floors.

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The sisal pads are produced in rolls with a maximum width of 2.1 m and the length is customized - according to customer request. The thickness of the rolls ranges from 800 to 1500 g / m².

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