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Sisal Fiber Process: Classification

Sisal fiber goes through a first selection process, taking into account the degree of impurity and the size of the fiber. This step results in the classification of the sisal into two types: the special sisal and the standard sisal.



The previously selected sisal goes through the brushing process. For a better result, our company has adopted the DB System (Double Brushing System) - which consists in having the operator perform the previous process two times sequentially, which guarantees a cleaner and drier fiber with less impurities.


After the brushing process, the second classification of the fiber occurs, which consists in selecting the fiber according to the current classification standards. Only after this second selection, which considers the size and degree of impurity of the fiber, the sisal is selected according to its class and type: sisal fiber Type 1 DB, Type 2 DB, Type 3 DB, Type 4 DB Select, Refugo and Bucha.



Finally, sisal fiber is ready to be pressed into bales so that it can be exported or used in the manufacture of yarns, ropes, pads or carpets within the company.



For the manufacture of the final products, a strict quality control of the colors and the yarns that are used in the productive process is prioritized.


The Process for Each Product


The commercial and agricultural yarn manufacturing process consists of twisting the sisal locks through the spinning machines into wires that can be sheared and / or twisted.

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