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Our History

Over 50 years ago, the Hamilton Rios Group began its activities in the production and export of sisal fiber in Brazil, always working with pioneering and prioritizing the quality of its products. Precisely because of its concern with quality, it has become the largest exporter of sisal fiber in the country. It has been more than 5 decades of perfecting the entire fiber production process and the delivery of the final product to its customers.

Market leader, with an annual production of 20,000 tons, the sisal fiber exported by the Hamilton Rios Group takes the RISANA brand stamped on its bales, which assures the customers the guarantee of a superior quality.

In 2018, the company advanced in the construction of a new factory for production of baler twine, commercial yarns, ropes, pads, geotextiles, cloths, rugs and carpets of natural fibers. Its initial proposal remains the same: to offer quality products with sustainability.


Period in which Hamilton Rios, founder of the group, transforms the company into a symbol of quality in the natural fiber segment as the chief executive.

1967 - 1989

A Professional And Experienced Team

We have a professional and experienced team ready to develop and deliver high quality products on time.


Always One Step Ahead

Always looking ahead, we continuously search for ways to make our products better to meet your needs.

Always Striving for Quality

Our whole process is directed to ensure the utmost quality for all our products.

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